Peskadot ~ A Chamoru Warrior - Hugua (II)

inapsan.jpg (54157 bytes)Quite often, family and friends gather together on weekends to socialize. Fresh fish is common on such gatherings. Ronbo displays fresh out of the sea a quick "snack" up at Hinapsan, one of the 7 major ancestrial villages located in Northern Guahan (Guam) where fish is abundant and plentiful, only to quench a newcomer's appetite with a bit of the northern variety.
appren.jpg (54939 bytes)Extremely calm waters off "back side" uncommon for this area called Gua'i / Såsayan located on the eastern part of the island. The Marianas Trench is located approx. 60 miles southeast of here. Quick, sudden body motions by one too many hunters make the capturing of prey quite impossible. Manny, Pete, Ted and I surface on the "lamasa" or shelf after a quick training dive to maximize our fishing proficiency by hunting in such non-ideal conditions.
morefish.jpg (55993 bytes) Trevally, commonly known as skipjacks are one of the major targets hunted seasonaly at they spawn by the thousands and their offsprings are often eaten by their own kind.  "Tarakitu" as they are called locally grow rapidly within several weeks, and may reach up to 100 lbs plus and are often lured directly up to our spears as we create "puckered lips" bubbling noises beneath the water. Such techniques often brings us face to face with these curious giants, making it quite difficult to spear them head on. Imagine what it would be like to encounter a 200 pound giant!
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