picture icon of latteLegend of The Carabao and The Cow
How the cow and the carabao acquired their skins.
icon picture of latteLegend of the mosquito.
Legend of the Chamoru wife who turned into a mosquito.
icon picture of latte Chamoru ancestral spirits from prerecorded history.
Description of the Taotaomonas and their haunting grounds.
icon picture of latte Similar Creation Myths of guam and other Nations: Legend of Fu'una. Legend of Chaife.
Common creation myths from Guam China Japan Beleau and India.
icon picture of latte Guam Legend of Camel (GaPang) Rock at Asan Guam.
Commemorates a prehistoric landfall of Guam near A.D. 1000 by a fleet of foreign proas.
icon picture of latte Guam Legend of Sea Goddess
Myth of Protection by Marine Goddess. May be related to Ancient Recollection.

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