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Ancient Origins of the Chamoru people. A Genetic mtdna perspective.

Ancient mythologies of ancient societies and Chamoru stories. Jack and the Beanstalk. By Rudolph Villaverde

The history of Hagatna Guahan Guam Seal River.

Rudolph Villaverde Interprets Starcave

Ypao Ground Blessing Guma Latte Sakman

Scientific Bio-Archaeological Analysis Paper on Lengendary Strength of Chamorus Guam by Dr. Gary Heathcote

Link to map of HAgana Guam before WWII bombardment destroyed village in rubble. 80 indigenous and introduced animals of the Marianas

Vertical component of Ritidian's Star Calander.
Click to view starcave.

Rosario Pablo Benavente Toves Villaverde Geneology Database.

Photos of Guam before WWII early 1900s
Guam Photo Gallery early 1900s before WWII.

Photos of Guam during after 1940s WWII
Guam Photo Gallery after 1940s WWII .

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